Friday, January 22, 2010

Animatrix - The Second Rennaisance

The Animatrix​ is a compilation of nine animated short films released on June 3, 2003, based on The Matrix film series. Development of the Animatrix project began when the film series' writers and directors, the Wachowski brothers, were in Japan promoting the first Matrix film. While in the country, they visited some of the creators of the anime films that had been a strong influence on their work, and decided to collaborate with them.
source: wikipedia
  1. The Second Renaissance, Part I (June 3, 2003) [aici]
  2. The Second Renaissance, Part II (June 7, 2003) [aici]
  3. Kid's Story (June 14, 2003) [aici]
  4. Program (June 21, 2003) [aici]
  5. World Record (July 5, 2003) [aici]
  6. Beyond (July 12, 2003) [aici]
  7. A Detective Story (August 30, 2003) [aici]
  8. Matriculated (September 20, 2003) [aici]
  9. Final Flight of the Osiris (September 27, 2003) [aici]
Stiam demult de Animatrix dar de abia saptamana asta am avut ocazia sa vad despre ce e vorba si chiar mi-a placut foarte foarte mult. Daca ti-a placut seria Matrix cu siguranta iti vor placea si cele 9 episoade care sunt si interesante ca poveste si frumos ilustrate. Merita vazute!


  1. Pentru Detective Story ai link doar spre prima parte.
    Am gasit aici tot episodul HD:

  2. l-am vazut prin 2004, imediat dupa ce a iesit; e super tare, intr-adevar

  3. in genul asta au fost facute si batman gotham knight, halo legends si dante's inferno animated epic

    adica mai multe tipuri de animatii legate printr-o poveste/personaj