Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First animation from PIXAR

First animation from PIXAR: Luxo Jr. (1986)

"Description: Today we have a short but significant little animation, the debut animation short from Pixar. Now besides being funny and flawlessly animated, what really makes this tiny animation special is the fact that it was produced in 1986, which is truly amazing considering the level of detail and the quality of the movement and models created using not too advanced technology available at that time. Luxo Jr is truly a little piece of animation history."

Animatia si articolul sunt preluate de pe www.anapoda.info un blog dedicat in intregime animatiei mai vechi si mai noi, aici veti gasi de la desene animate clasice pana la animatii de ultima ora de la cele mai cunoscute studiouri.


  1. aaa..si ma gandeam sa te rog poate pe viitor la alte flyere de party imi pui si mie logo-ul al blog pe ele..10x mate ;)

  2. am bagat logo-ul si pe afisul asta iar next time il voi baga din oficiu :)

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