Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favorite TV presentor

Kent Brockman (The Simpsons) is a grumpy, self-centered local Springfield news anchor. First appeared on television in the first season episode "Krusty Gets Busted", which originally aired April 29, 1990. The character was based on Los Angeles anchormen Hal Fishman and Jerry Dunphy.[5] The director of "Krusty Gets Busted", Brad Bird, designed the character and modeled him after anchorman Ted Koppel [wikipedia]

Tom Tucker (Family Guy) also known by his stage name George P. Wilbur, is the arrogant, baritone male news anchor at Channel 5. Tom tends to insult everybody around him, particularly Diane Simmons, his former co-anchor. He disliked her and frequently traded insults with her on-air.  MacFarlane stated that Tom Tucker's voice is the easiest to do for him, and he was "sort of modeled after the cigarette spokesman from the 1940s commercials". [wikipedia]

Morbo (Futurama) the Annihillator is the lovable human-hating anchor for Channel 2 News,  Morbo is an advance scout for a forthcoming alien invasion, but does not bother to be subtle about it, often expressing his contempt and extreme hatred for mankind during live news broadcasts and frequently comments on his species' extremely violent invasion plans. He appears to be using his job to gather information about the human race for the invasion still yet to come. He is good friends with President Richard Nixon.

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